Wednesday, October 2, 2013

TCY GRE Prep apk v 1.2.5 free download for android devices

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Prepare for your Graduate Record Exam(GRE) with TCY GRE Prep. It is a perfect platform for GRE test takers. The tests are prepared as per the latest GRE pattern and trend of questions.

Tests on:
a)GRE Quantitative Ability
b)GRE Verbal Ability
c)Sectionwise and Half Length Tests
d)GRE Full Length Tests and Mocks
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1. User Friendly Interface
2. Video Lectures for conceptual clarity
3. Tests indicate difficulty level for performance upgrade
4. Live Timer to monitor your time management
5. Live Status of Questions attempted
6. Provision to mark questions for review
7. Review of your attempted tests from Test History
8. Provision for upload of test score on your account to check performance with indepth

TCY analytics
TCY Analytics will help improve your GRE scores dramatically. Not only will Analytics give you access to detailed score card and answers in each test, these will also help you manage your time effectively, strategise your attempt test after test, and identify your weak areas as well as your time takers/time savers. You can check your percentile score and your ranking vis a vis that of toppers.

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