Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Facebook upgrades its chat, now shows from which devices your friends are online from

Facebook seems to be experimenting yet again with its Messenger product. After completely overhauling the Messenger experience on both Android and iOS, the web seems to be in for a bit of a change.

When you now login to Facebook, it will tell you whether your friend is online to chat from the web or from the mobile. It will also tell you if he or she is currently active or not. Besides the green dot or the mobile icon that always denoted if the person was online or not, their status will now appear in words besides their name.

Grating to the eye or a helpful tool?

“Web” will mean that the person is currently on the desktop version of the site and “Mobile”, of course, will mean that he or she is currently using Facebook or Messenger on their phones. If nothing appears besides the name with a mobile icon, you probably just missed speaking to them and they’re now offline.

The words appear on the chat column in a neon green shade, making it a little annoying to look at all them time. However, we cannot be sure if it isn’t just a part of a little experiment by Facebook’s side. A lot of people are already starting to see the status messages appear on the web version of Facebook.

Facebook rolled out a completely redesigned user interface on Android as well as iOS versions of Messenger last week. The Messenger application has a whole new interface for the application. Your home screen will now be the Messenger, but you can also choose to see which of your friends are available for chatting and whether they are on mobile or on the web using the “Active” tab. There are tiny circles near display pictures too, letting you know whether or not that friend of your uses Messenger.

Are you seeing the new status messages on Facebook on the web? Let us know what you think of them in the comments section below.

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