Monday, November 18, 2013

Jolla Sailfish smartphone to launch November 27

Jolla, first Sailfish OS-powered 16 GB smartphone, set to launch on November 27. Jolla is a new smart phone company formed by a group of former employees working with Nokia.This new handset will be based on the new Sailfish operating system.
Finnish carrier DNA announced that it would offer a batch of 450 Jolla phones for one evening at a pop-up store in central Helsinki to customers that had pre-ordered the device on November 27th.Jolla promises that this new handset will feature compatibility with Android apps
But, do you know what is Sailfish OS and its development?

Sailfish OS 
Sailfish is a Linux-based mobile operating system developed by Jolla in cooperation with the Mer project and supported by the Sailfish Alliance. This OS will be used in this upcoming smart phone Jolla.
This OS is currently used in smartphones, but can also be used for other devices.

Development of Jolla OS
Sailfish OS is promoted and supported in many ways with the open Sailfish Alliance which was established in 2011, basically it was a movement established to unite OEM and ODM manufacturers, chipset providers, operators, application developers and retailers.
In August 2012, the user interface was reported as ready to go. Jolla's CEO Jussi Hurmola stated in a ZDNet interview: "(...) Our UI is ready now, we haven't released it yet, we will save it for the product launch and the platform is getting up now so the project looks pretty nice. (...)"
The next day, Jolla's CEO Marc Dillon tweeted that they had reached the first development target.
The Sailfish was presented for the first time by the Jolla team, including a worldwide internet stream, as a demo of the OS, as well as the UI and SDK during the Slush event in Helsinki, Finland, on 21,22 November 2012. The Sailfish OS SDK in the alpha stage was published at the end of February 2013 and available for free download.
On September 16, 2013, Jolla has announced that its Sailfish OS is now compatible with Android applications and hardware.

Key Specifications
Ample 4.5" IPS qHD display
5-point multi-touch with Gorilla 2™ Glass
8 megapixel AF camera with LED flash
2 megapixel front-facing camera
16GB storage, 1GB RAM, MicroSD slot
Talk time & battery
9 / 10 hours (GSM / 3G approx.)
User-replaceable battery
Operating system
Sailfish OS beta
Regular updates will be made available during beta phase.
GSM/3G/4G LTE* (Works on 6 continents).
Height: 131 mm
Width: 68 mm
Thickness: 9.9 mm
Weight: 141 g
399 €, List of supported countries and operators will be published later.


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