Saturday, January 4, 2014

BlackBerry files suit against Ryan Seacrest's Typo Keyboard over iPhone keyboard

Canadian smartphone maker, Blackberry Ltd. that it had filed a suit in a California court against Typo Products which is a Los Angeles based firm for violating its patents with a launching Blackberry-like keyboard made for Apple's iPhone.

Typo Keyboards has recently launched its product "Typo Keyboard" with which iPhone users can change the touchscreen display of there iPhone into a qwerty keyboard which looks similar to the one we see in BlackBerry handset.

The struggling Canadian maker of the Blackberry smartphone said that Typo's $99 keyboard case, which attaches a Blackberry-like physical keyboard to an iPhone 5, "blatantly copied BlackBerry's keyboard."

Blackberry's cheif legal officer Steve Zipperstein told "This is a blatant infringement against BlackBerry's iconic keyboard, and we will vigorously protect our intellectual property against any company that attempts to copy our unique design,"

"We are flattered by the desire to graft our keyboard onto other smartphones, but we will not tolerate such activity without fair compensation for using our intellectual property and our technological innovations," he said in a statement.

What is Typo Keyboard, and how was it introduced ?
Typo Keyboard targets for those who carry 2 phone. With the help of typo keyboard they can turn there touchscreen iPhone into one like BlackBerry qwerty keyboard.

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Story behind the development of Typo Keyboard Case
The Typo Keyboard™ was born out of a desire for efficiency. For several years, many of our friends and colleagues carried two phones: one for typing and correspondence and an iPhone for virtually everything else. One night, we were out to dinner and both had our phones on the table.

Two people, four phones! We looked at each other and thought there was an easy solution to the problem, a keyboard for the iPhone. After ordering every iPhone keyboard available, we realized that there was no solution that worked well.

That’s when we decided to take matters into our own hands and the Typo Keyboard™ was born. After nearly two years of development, engineering, testing and feedback, we have created The Typo Keyboard™, an indispensable business tool that busy people simply can’t live without.

Technical Specifications
Supported device: iPhone 5 / 5s
Dimensions: 6.2mm (W) x 14.1mm (T) x 1mm (D)
Weight: 1.4 ounces
Battery: 180 mAH
Power Input: 5V USB charging
Keyboard Light: White LED’s
Warranty: 1 Year Operating
Temperature: 40F - 110F
Water Resistant: No

Technical Specifications
Setup: Simple bluetooth pairing
System: iOS 6+
Wireless: Bluetooth 3.0
In the Box: Typo Keyboard Micro-USB Charging Cable Instructions

How to activate Typo Keyboard

Step 1 : Go to your iPhone home screen and select >> Settings

Step 2 : Select Bluetooth and choose >> On

Step 3 : On your Typo iPhone Keyboard Case hold down the Bluetooth logo next to the spacebar until it flashes blue, then release.

Step 4 : To pair your Typo Keyboard Case under Devices select >> Typo Keyboard

Step 5 : Enjoy using your Typo iPhone Keyboard Case!

Pre-Order your Typo Keyboard Case for $99, shipping will start in January 2014.
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